December 11, 2012

2012 Top 10 Stories: #8 – The Black Hole at Second Base

Remember when Scott Sizemore was the answer to the Tigers’ second base question? After nearly five seasons of Placido Polanco’s wizardry at second, and in the number-two slot of the lineup, the Tigers tried to convince fans – and maybe themselves – that Sizemore could take over with gusto. After 65 games spread across two […]

September 22, 2012

Is Detroit Still a Great Baseball Town?

With the Tigers marching toward three million in attendance for 2012, this might seem more than borderline preposterous. But stick with me. I lobbed a tweet last week about how Tigers fans are coming unglued online and on the air. I could even take it a step further and suggest the faithful are assuming the […]

June 24, 2012

Who’s the Tigers’ Youkilis?

White Sox third basemen are hitting something like .180 this season with a single home run. As usual, Ken Williams does his thing and plugs in Kevin Youkilis to anchor the hot corner. Tigers second basemen are hitting .196 (.192 if you include 20 at bats from Brandon Inge and a pair from Hernan Perez) […]

June 2, 2012

Six Months Off, Two Months In: The Daily Fungo Returns

Six months ago I turned out the lights on The Fungo. The other day, I changed my mind. I know you’ve got lots of great Tigers blog choices so I hope you’ll work this site into your rotation. Allow me, if you will, to catch up on the past half-year: Victor Martinez out. I think […]

September 4, 2011

Tigers Finish White Sox 9-8 in Dramatic Comeback

Saturday evening, Tigers utility man and fan base lightning rod Ryan Raburn helped almost mathematically eliminate the vaunted preseason AL Central favorite Chicago White Sox and did it in spectacularly dramatic fashion. It’s been quite some time (about four months) since anyone thought the White Sox were poised to make a run at taking this […]

July 4, 2011

Video: Raburn’s Web Gem

Does commentator Barry Larkin really call Raburn “an exciting player”?

June 17, 2011

Avila at Third? Not All That Uncommon in Tigers History

Tonight Alex Avila is the Tigers’ starting third baseman in the opener of a three-game series in Denver against the Rockies. Avila’s never played third in the majors but he’s not the first Tigers player to be pressed into action there. Did you know that Al Kaline appeared in two games at third during his career? In 1961, he […]

June 3, 2011

Friday Freehans, Link Style

The Tigers make their first visit of the year to Chicago which typically means nothing but anguish. Not this weekend. Detroit’s recent good fortune against the Sox continues. (Right?) Here’s a terrific piece about Sparky Anderson from someone who knew him in his southern California community for 40 years. Out here in Phoenix, there’s some […]

April 18, 2011

Monday Mankowskis: Optimism, Jackson’s Woes and Bonus Baseball Cards

This is one of those rare and delightful days of spring in which I get to flip back and forth between a Tigers West Coast game and a Wings playoff game. April in the D, indeed. It’s always interesting to see how even a small winning streak can stir optimism among Tigers faithful. To wit: […]

April 10, 2011

Sunday Snacks: April in the D Edition

A few overdue thoughts as I work the previous-channel button on my remote, switching between the Tigers and Wings games. When a few specific things occur, I know for certain the baseball season is in full bloom — eight games in or not. Two of these things have already taken place in the past 24 […]