1. You forgot George Kell. He was done on WDIV when I was about 15 but I remember and he was the best.

  2. Rod allen is awful, absolutely awful. The guy can’t shut up for more than 30 seconds, filling up every ounce of airtime with meaningless facts and statistics . For a guy who batted 150 times in MLB, he sure knows everything about everything. the only thing he’s good at is sounding like an idiot. I keep hoping the Tigers replace him. Will keep on hoping.

  3. I have to say George Kell and Al Kaline were the best. As a kid in the 70″s I remember watching TIGER baseball and enjoying thier coverage of the game. What great memories

  4. I have to agree that Rod Allen is awful, it is tough to listen to him for full series, as he will say the same thing about a Tigers opponent each day. Not to mention hearing the same thing all year against a division rival…that does not even include that every year around this time he thinks EVERY tigers starter is an All-Star that year.

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