1. Time to say good-bye to no-hit Inge. Let Jhonny play for a year or two, and welcome Nick Castellanos!

  2. If it means picking up the $7 million option, then there is no way that he is worth that. He has struggled at the plate all season (except for a few recent HRs, but his average has still stunk lately, and he has no plate discipline), and he cannot play defense. Not a good idea with an infield that figures to feature Cabrera and Guillen already. Inge hits about as well, but with infinitely better defense, will almost certainly cost less than $7 million, and is a Tigers lifer. Bring back him!

  3. Nick Castellanos won’t be in the mix until at least 2013 and even that may be a year too soon. Inge actually has a better approach at the plate now than he did last year. Not nearly as many “all or nothing” at-bats according to Jerry Crasnick. Looking at available FAs this offseason it would sure seem to make sense to bring them both back and upgrade the OF hitters.

  4. I’d prefer they let him go, but I wouldn’t mind him playing third if they don’t sign Inge. There is no way I want Peralta playing shortstop.


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