1. Yes. Ignore his ERA for a minute. In 2009 Jackson had a 4.39 xFIP 39.1% GB% and 6.77 K/9. In 2010, he has a 4.27 xFIP 50.0% GB% and 7.03 K/9. All better numbers than last year. His walks are up from 2.94 BB/9 to 4.04 BB/9, and that’s not an issue to look past as it’s likely an issue for his raised ERA. Also a reason for his risen ERA is his BABIP is up from .281 to .313 along with a risen HR/FB% and a significant drop in LOB%.

    Edwin Jackson is still the same pitcher as last year, possibly better in some ways, but the poor fielding and home run friendly park of the Diamondbacks makes him look like a lesser pitcher this year. If you don’t have to give up much you might as well bring him back. He was a well liked guy in the clubhouse and would be an upgrade over Galarraga. He would certainly be a better acquisition than Ted Lilly.

  2. Anthony, are you saying that Galarraga is not a good clubhouse guy,

    Or you think Jackson’s work is an upgrade over Galarraga?

    I don’t agree that his work is an upgrade.

    Since he is back from Toledo, he has been a much better pitcher in his last two starts.

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