1. Let him go. I think it would be cool if the Tigers made a run at Adrian Beltre. He may command a bigger price tag, but he’d be worth it. He’ll provide solid defense, better offense than Inge, and he’s a couple years younger. Beltre’s agent is Scott Boras, so that’s really the biggest negative I can come up with.

  2. Inge as a 2-3 WAR player is easily worth what he is making. Despite what how bad he looks on offense some times he is at a fair contract for the contribution he makes on offense and defense. He is a below average offensive player and an average defender but would be worth 4-5 million a year. He makes 6 million this year which is a bit overpriced but for the right price I would welcome him back for a year or two until some of our prospects such as Francisco Martinez or Nick Castellanos (who hopefully signs) prove themselves down on the farm. Our other choice is Jeff Larish who I trust even less than Inge. There are also very few options in FA. Cantu probably would be the 2nd best choice but he is a terrible defender.

  3. I think it’s a case of Inge being the lesser of many evils. If you can bring him back at a reduced price (say, 3-4 million per) on a (at most) 2-year deal, do it. Beltre would be a good choice, but probably too expensive.

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