If you’ve ever wondered how much a writer can say about Tigers’ PFP on the first day of Spring Training, read Jayson Stark‘s amusing column on ESPN.com.


I noticed this photo of Jim Leyland this morning and my immediate thought was: Why is he wearing a white bandana under his lid?

Thanks to Bilfer, I now see that it’s merely another case of New Era overthinking the baseball hat. MLB’s official hatmaker added what the aforementioned Bilfer dubbed “goofy white detailing”.


Miscellaneous thought: Last spring, Detroiters paid more attention to the Red Wings than they did the Tigers torrid start. Who could blame them?

This year, though, Detroit fans can justifiably claim attention-deficit disorder with two teams worth watching. It will be interesting to see the size of those April-night-game crowds at Comerica Park when the Wings are playing at home in the first round.

What do you think?